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At the request of: Moderna

On May 20, 2022, Moderna Products moved into a state-of-the-art headquarters in Izegem. The company produces and markets all kinds of supplies for dogs and cats: from food bowls to sleeping baskets to moving boxes. In their new building along the Zuidkaai, they have the latest machines, an automatic high-bay warehouse and the most sustainable techniques.

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Here to
move you.

A big move, that calls for a party. The Moderna Products management team approached Reach For More with a whole range of creative ideas. Up to us to translate them into an unforgettable event for employees, family, acquaintances and numerous other stakeholders.

Did someone
say disco?

An animated tour through the building took visitors to the factory hall, which had been transformed into an event location for the occasion. A video moment – starring a dog – and a speech were the starting signal for a standing dinner by Coeur Catering and a dessert buffet. With lots of bells and whistles and a press of a launch button, a giant disco ball emerged. The ideal party starter for a dance party until the early hours!

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Gordel Festival

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De Gordel 3

Light Festival

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