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Events set the world in motion. As an experienced team, we roll out powerful productions and relieve our clients from A to Z, at home and abroad. Production budgets, technical plans, permits and full production elaboration: we got this!

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Is the event organised to perfection but are you lacking a team with know-how to carry out all the plans? Call on our experienced coordinators and know that your event is in good hands. Reach For More makes everything run smoothly.

Food &

Catering is a vital revenue source at countless events. We help you establish the best partnerships and production of bars and food stands. We also ensure productive exploitation and an efficient stock system to achieve higher profit margins.

Crew &

People make the difference. That is why we bring together the required stewards, hosts and/or bar staff. We provide clear planning, efficient staff deployment and all-round crew coordination to ensure a comfortable experience for your guests.


We keep a close eye on your finances, provide custom-made POS systems and ensure that income and expenses are always balanced, ensuring your event is financially sustainable. We keep our eyes on the price!

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Our team is fully at home in the event sector. Both for corporate and public events, we prove our added value every time. Music, sport, gaming, culture, culinary, corporate and cities: Reach For More loves diverse and challenging projects.

Film Fest Gent

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Ronde Van Vlaanderen

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Ronde van Vlaanderen in plaats van de foto met het Belfort Portfolio
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Ronde van Vlaanderen in plaats van de foto met het Belfort Portfolio
Wintergloed 2
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Pokemon 1

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Taking events to the next level, we love it! Find out for which impressive events our tight production and fluent flow made the difference.

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Our logistics team are there to ensure your production runs smoothly, helping you draw up your plans and resolve any technical issues. At the same time, we also guarantee timely shipments, sound management of goods and use of the right materials. Our Reach For More warehouse in Deinze is invaluable in this regard.