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At the request of: Associação Waking Life

Waking Life, a week-long, community-led festival in Portugal, is considered by many as their "happy place". Featuring an incredible lineup of live performances, DJ sets, art installations, screenings and workshops, this is a true celebration of diverging from default reality.

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We raise
the bar.

Since 2017, Reach For More has been responsible for coordinating all bars and monitoring the cashless system. During preproduction, we determine the number of bars, the staffing and the bar menu. We are in contact with suppliers and place the necessary orders.

In collaboration with the production team, we provide a solid production framework so that bar operations can run as efficiently as possible, from forklift trucks and a warehouse to cups and cooling systems.

Reach For More

Once on site, we coordinate various local partners who are in charge of bar logistics and personnel. We keep a close eye on the inventory management and step forward as a middleman between the cashless partner, the finance team and the organization.