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At the request of: Roularta Media Group

This summer, Knack/Le Vif will be touring the Belgian festivals for the second time. With data capture in mind, a roadshow was set up that offers added value for the festival-goer and at the same time emphasizes the identity of Knack/Le Vif.

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Knack Le Vif

The magic of

The stand acts as a clear point of recognition for festival goers who want to find each other again. Visitors can pick up a Zitknack at the stand. This reusable seating item is packed with information about the festival summer and is ideal for a short break on the festival site.

Commissioned by Roularta Media Group, Reach For More was responsible for the complete project management and logistical follow-up of this project. Reach For More chose to develop the stand with creative agency Vrije Ruimte. They transformed all creative ideas into an aesthetic concept that looks visually strong.

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